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The Studio

 Welcome! Or fáilte in Gaelic. 


Here at fáilte studio, we maintain a simple ethos. Giving time and consideration to the smaller details in life can enhance the moments which are often overlooked.


fáilte began with our Founder and Creative Director, James Galbraith Kirkpatrick, wanting to share his passion for simple living, to help people experience the calm and joy that comes with taking care of the quotidian elements of our lives. 


We believe in making the home an immersive environment. The plate you eat from, the unique objects in your space, the music in your ears and the fragrances that fill your rooms. Each choice can elevate your atmosphere and well-being. 


Our design-led studio produces and curates sustainable tableware, homeware and atmospheric fragrances, all of which have been formed by hand and derived from nature. 


Browse our shop today to find just what you have been searching for. 

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