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"Music is an essential part of my existence. It has been with me since the very beginning, as I was born to the sounds of James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James." Throughout my life, I have been exposed to a wide range of music genres and artists, from the early days of Rock n' Roll with Elvis Presley and The Beatles, to Folk legends such as Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, and John Martyn.

These foundational experiences have led me on a continuous journey of musical discovery that evolves with each passing day. I believe that the unique rhythms, melodies, and lyrics created by artists and composers help articulate the emotions and experiences that we all share. For me, music is always present, providing comfort, release, and companionship whilst also playing a significant role in my creative process. It helps me find peace, inspiration, and a soundtrack to my work. The rhythm and melody of each track influence my movements and shape my creations.

Sometimes, I deliberately choose music that complements my mood or the work I am doing. Other times, I prefer to put on a playlist and let the music guide me. The creative energy that flows between the music and my work is indescribable. It's as if the music becomes a part of the art, and the art becomes a part of the music." - JGK 


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